Libertarian Party of Alabama Opposes Overreaching Abortion Restriction Bill HB 314

A new bill before the Alabama legislature would effectively criminalize abortion. Doctors performing the procedure would be classified as either a Class C or Class A felony.

HB 314, sponsored by Representative Terri Collins (R), would be one of the strictest, if not the strictest, in the nation. Collins admits that the purpose of the bill is to challenge Roe v. Wade, the 1973 federal Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion nationwide.

While this bill makes exceptions for medical necessity, it does not include incest or rape as legitimate reasons to have an abortion. And, in fact, Senate Republicans hurriedly shut down an amendment that would include those cases as exceptions.

Pro-life proponents often argue that the fetus is not part of the woman’s body, but rather is a separate life, and so, should be granted the same rights as any other human being. Pro-choice proponents argue that women should have access to safe medical procedures if they choose to have an abortion; that making it illegal puts us back to times when back alley “doctors” and wire hangers were common, resulting in permanent injury or death.

The bill also does not address how reporting of an abortion would be handled without violating the HIPAA Act, which protects the privacy of an individual’s medical information. Plus, if enacted, the bill would be tied up in the court system for years, thereby costing Alabama taxpayers unknown amounts of money which could be better used elsewhere.

The Libertarian Party does not promote or condemn abortion. Rather, the Libertarian Party seeks to remove government from the issue altogether and for that reason opposes HB 314. Individuals and communities can decide what moral standards they choose to abide by, without forcing the taxpayer to support a morality they may not agree with.

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Ivey's RAIP Plan Should Be Spelled RAPE

Ivey’s RAIP Plan Should Be Spelled RAPE


March 11, 2019

Montgomery, AL - Alabama citizens and businesses are once again fighting off another attempt by the State to satisfy its thirst for money. 

Not only has Governor Ivey gone back on her campaign promise of no new taxes, she is on record stating in an interview that the legislators were “coached” on the plan.

Retired CFO Gene Finley noted additional hidden and relatively unknown taxes in these bills, saying, "The fuel tax is indexed to the National Highway Construction Cost Index.  Both the tax and the license fee provide for a built in increase every year for the tax and every four years for the license.  This bill effectively provides for tax increases in perpetuity.  That's right, vote once, heap on new fees forever."

Residents of Alabama who are tired of politicians reaching further into their pockets should blow the whistle on what the officeholders themselves have called RAIP (Rebuild Alabama Infrastructure Plan) and the accompanying taxes and demand that this plan be put forward for a vote by the citizens.

"The feeling of politicians eying my wallet with gleam in their eyes fills me with a dreadful sense of danger," says Libertarian Party of Alabama Chair, Laura Lane.  The RAIP calls for a 10 cent increase over and above the current 18 cent state tax on gas and 19 cent tax on diesel, as well as other hidden taxes.   

State legislature is ignoring the citizens cry for on-line betting, a lottery, marijuana sales, and legalized gambling.  Drawing in out-of-state travelers who would provide a substantial portion of the required revenue is the rational choice rather than hammering residents for more of their paycheck and retirement funds.

 RAIP moves to the State Senate now and we demand they provide a legislative referendum for the citizens to vote.

A few years ago, about 100 elected officials and government employees visited a European air show! Some also visited other countries to evaluate their school systems.  The transportation fund was raided to give pay raises to judges. How many miles of road and bridge work were sacrificed? How can we trust the state with more of our money?

Macon County Commission, accepting the lead of the Association of County Commissioners of Alabama, has moved a resolution to legislature for an increased four cent fuel tax and the option for taxpayers' to vote on an Ambulance Tax, says Macon County resident Frank Dillman.  The commission unanimously supported a one cent sales tax for the school system.

 Dillman continues, "Between state, county and municipality fees, occupational licensing, and taxes, when is this going to end?  Macon County's per capita income is about $17,000 and the state is also pushing through a fuel tax and additional registration fees on vehicles and motorcycles." 

These bills are being rushed through before most citizens have the convenience to study them, which denies citizens' engagement and is unethical.  In fact, the three bills for the RAIP could be on the Governor's desk within seven days of its original reading in the House.

In addition to the greater costs at the pumps, the bills provide for exorbitant registration fees on electric and hybrid cars and increased registration fees on gasoline automobiles and motorcycles. 

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LPA Sues State for Discrimination

January 24, 2019

Montgomery, AL - Citing AL Election Code, the Libertarian Party of Alabama (LPA) has filed suit in the U.S. District Court, Alabama Middle District, alleging the State of Alabama discriminates against “minor parties” and independent candidates, by charging them for the state-wide voter registration list or a portion thereof.

Alabama law provides that major political parties – Republican and Democrat - be given the state-wide voter registration list free of charge, while charging minor parties and independent candidates one cent per name.

One cent per name, you say? That doesn’t sound unfair.

One cent per name multiplied by the number of registered voters in Alabama equates to approximately $36,000. Add the 2.5% additional charge if paid for by credit or debit card for an additional $900.

Unlike the Republican and Democratic Parties, most minor parties do not charge a fee for candidates wishing to run under their label; whereas the duopoly expects candidates to “qualify” for their primaries by contributing up to $6,000, dependent on the office. Most minor parties require candidates to make application, be nominated, and then selected by delegates to the minor party’s state convention, thereby eliminating the tax burden created by a primary and any subsequent run-off elections.

Since minor party candidates and independents must collect signatures by petition equal to 3% (currently 51,588 valid signatures for state-wide office) of the most recent vote for Governor, access to the voter registration list is crucial in order to confirm the validity of the signatures on the petitions.

If a candidate is able to achieve 20% of the votes cast in a state-wide race, the minor party is then declared to have ballot access and does not have to gather signatures for the next election cycle. However, if the candidate/party does not break the 20% threshold in the next election, the minor party loses its ballot access and then must start gathering petition signatures again.

Denied the ability to check petition signatures against the voter registration list because of the exorbitant cost associated with obtaining the list, minor parties and independents are placed at a distinct disadvantage. To quote the complaint, “…there is anything but a ‘uniform charge;’ for the major political parties get it for free, while minor political parties have to pay an exorbitant fee for it. In effect, those who can least afford it, have to pay the most.”

The complaint goes further in stating that AL law unconstitutionally discriminates between major and minor political parties in an effort to create obstacles that make it more difficult for minor parties, like the LPA, to grow, garner support, and obtain votes so that its members and followers hold public elective office. It also calls out violations of individuals’ rights protected under the First Amendment and the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Recent court cases in Georgia and Michigan have seen ballot access barriers ruled unconstitutional, as the barriers irreparably injure the parties.

The Libertarian Party of Alabama (LPA), a recognized affiliate of the national Libertarian Party, has been working to keep government from trampling the rights of individuals in our state since the early 1970s. For more information about the LPA, go to

The Libertarian Party (LP) has active affiliates in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Over 800 LP candidates were on the ballot nation-wide for the 2018 election cycle. For more information about the LP, go to

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Executive Committee Adopts Resolution about the Border Wall

During the last Executive Committee teleconference, a resolution concerning the border wall being pushed by the current POTUS was written and put forth by At Large member, Richard Fast.  The resolution was adopted and reads as follows:

WHEREAS, the Libertarian Party of Alabama believes that the only proper role of law is in the protection of the natural rights of individuals from the initiation of force or fraud;

WHEREAS, no individual has a natural right to prohibit consensual visitation to or consensual habitation on the private property of another individual;

WHEREAS, the Libertarian Party believes that eminent domain is a violation of private property rights;

WHEREAS, we affirm the right of individuals to set whatever standards they wish for entry onto their own private property but not that owned by others;

WHEREAS, we believe that all individuals have the same natural rights regardless of their citizenship;

WHEREAS, the Libertarian Party acknowledges that economic freedom demands the unrestricted movement of human as well as financial capital across national borders:

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Libertarian Party of Alabama condemns and opposes efforts to build a governmental border wall.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Libertarian Party of Alabama supports open borders.


The resolution reflects the national Libertarian Party's platform stance on free trade and migration. You can read the Party's entire platform by clicking here.



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